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Quai 21  

Address : 21 Quai Des Grands Augustins

Tel : 01 43 26 08 57

Little restaurant with a fun atmosphere. With typical French cuisine this restaurant is perfect for brunch, light salads and tartines.


La Rôtisserie d’Enface 

Address : 2 rue Christine

Tel : 01 43 26 40 98

An informal decor that serves traditional French dishes. Great spot for dinner!


Bistro des Augustins  

Address: 39 Quai des Grands Augustins

Tel: 01 43 54 04 41

A typical low-key French bistro ideal for breakfast, coffee or beer.


Le Christine  

Address : 1 rue Christine

Tel : 01 40 51 71 64

Feel like getting dressed up for a more formal dinner outing? Stop by Le Christine and enjoy their romantic atmosphere.


La Crêperie des Pécheurs 

Address : 27 rue Saint André des Arts

Tel : 01 43 54 00 32

Eat a delicious crêpe with some hot apple cider in one of the best parts of the neighborhood.


Le Wok 

Address : 45 rue Dauphine

Tel : 01 44 41 03 09

A modern Japanese restaurant with a sushi bar and cocktails.


Café Proscope 

Address: 13 rue Ancienne Comédie

Tel : 01 40 46 79 00

Originally opened in 1686, this cafe is one of the oldest in Paris! Although it is a bit more expensive than usual cafes, the experience is well worth the extra euros!


Maoz Vegetarian  

Address : 36 rue saint André des Arts

Tel : 01 46 33 87 19

Perfect for a quick on-the-go healthy vegetarian meal.


Pizza Rustica  

Address : 24 rue Saint André des Arts

Tel : 08 20 30 39 39

In the mood for some Italian food? Enjoy a slice of traditional pizza on the go!


Les Etages 

Address : 5 Rue de Buci

Located in a very lively neighborhood, this restaurant has one of the best mojitos in the city and is a great early night drink location.


Wanna Juice  

Address : 65 rue saint André des Arts

Tel : 01 46 34 11 90

In need for a little vitamin boost ? Enjoy a delicious fresh fruit smoothie here.



Mariage Frère 

Address : 13 rue Grands Augustins

Tel : 01 40 51 82 50

One of the most famous and well-known tea shops in Paris, this beautiful store has a wide variety of self-brew loose-leaf tea perfect for drinking during the day and a wonderful chic souvenir for loved ones back home.




Address : 34 rue Dauphine

If you are in the mood for some shopping, take a tour on rue Dauphine through its charming petite boutiques.



Librairie du Camé  

Address : 70 rue Saint André des Arts

Tel : 01 43 26 21 70

This is another little old book store with a lot of character and a great collection of classic literature.



Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki 

Address: 35 rue de Vaugirard 6e arr

Telephone: 01 45 44 48 90

Time: 11am-7pm Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm Sunday

Directions: Metro stop Rennes or St. Sulpice

Toyko-born pastry genius Sadaharu creates some of Paris’ most delicious and exquisite gourmet pastries in Paris. His work includes a box of 72 different flavored macaroons and green tea chocolate. Besides creating amazing desserts, his pastries are works of art and are worth going to the shop just to look at them!



Au Vieux Document 

Address : 25 Quai des Grands Augustins

Tel : 01 46 33 11 39

You can find plenty of old bookstores to browse through in this neighborhood.



Bar Tabac Intimi Thé 

Address : 53 rue saint Andre des Arts

A little store that has basic corner-store products, such as tabacco.



Address : 57 rue saint André des Arts 

In case of an emergency!



Cacao et Chocolat 

Address: 29 rue du Buci 6e

Telephone: 01 46 33 77 63

Time: 10:30am-7:30 pm

Directions: Metro stop Mabillon

You haven’t tasted hot chocolate until you’ve tasted this shops cinnamon/ ginger/ or cayenne pepper spiced hot chocolate. At 3.50 euros a cup, this place is definitely worth a delicious visit.



Cave St. Sulpice: 3 rue St. Sulpice 6e arr.  

Telephone: 01 53 10 01 00

Time: 11am-8:15 pm Monday- Friday, 10am-1pm Saturday

Directions: Metro stop Odeon

If you are searching for some good quality champagne then this little boutique is the perfect shop for you. Search through bottles of white, pink and designer champagnes and spend as little or as much as you want.

And make sure to take the opportunity to walk around and explore the neighborhood if you can!


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