Alan Arrivée – Filmmaking and Dreams
Saturday March 31st 10:45- 11:45
7 Parnassiens (Grande Salle)

Alan Arrivée is a filmmaker and writer who is currently an Assistant Professor of Theatre & Cinema at The Univerisity of Mississippi. He has had previous experience as Director of Theatre & Cinema at Missouri Western State University. He is best known for his work on the short film, “Silent Radio” in which he was the writer, director and producer in 2007. Alan is also a professional actor and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity as well as the University Film & Video Association and the Austin Film Society. Why do we believe in even our most outlandish dreams while we are dreaming? Why do we not awaken at the first sign of the unreal? Fantasy? The impossible? Through film clips, workshop exercises, and discussion, writer/director Alan Arrivée will explore the logic of dreams and how it directly relates to the film-making process. Discussion will cover initial screenplay, production, and post. Those who attend will be asked to share their own vivid dreams and consider practical solutions as they begin the imagined process of realizing these movies of the mind for the screen.



Charles Weinstein- Acting
Saturday March 31st 11:20-12:20 pm
Action Christine (Grand Salle)

Charles Weinstein is a New York City film director who has worked with a number of well-known actors, including Laura Linney “Love Actually”, Michael Imperioli “Sopranos” and Calista Flockhart “Ally McBeal”. He is currently with Film Acting Paris (FAP), which offers professional workshops in which he coaches aspiring actors on castings, screen tests, along with television and film roles. At FAP, guest film directors are invited to work with the actors, rehearsing in front of the camera with scenes from contemporary scripts. Weinstein has experience with teaching actors the basics on how to become a success in the film industry. Overall, he will be focusing on the different components of acting during his workshop.

Nikola Chapelle – Sound Mixing/ Designing/ Recording
Sunday April 1st 10:30-11:30 am
Action Christine (Grande Salle)

Nikola Chapelle is a French Sound Recordist/ Mixer/ Designer for short films, documentaries, television, commercials, and music videos. He received his education in Sound Mixing from ESRA in Rennes, France, and went on to work in New York before beginning to work on international projects. Some of his previous work experience includes an independent feature with Oscar award winning supporting actress Melissa Leo and the Barbara Streisand music video with Duck Sauce. Currently, he is working in Paris, France and is in pre-production of two feature films in USA/ Canada and Mexico this summer. His workshop will focus on the role of sound in all forms of cinema from the pre-production to the post-production steps. He will demonstrate the difference good quality sound mixing can make for the overall quality of a film, will provide tips and suggestions for filmmakers, and will touch upon the importance of establishing a strong director-sound mixer relationship.

Pablo Tourrenc- Producing
Saturday March 31st 12:30-1:30 pm
Action Christine (Grand Salle)

Pablo Tourrenc is a producer from Marseille, France. He studied Communications and Design at the Solent University in Southampton, England, and Film Production at ESRA (Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle) in Rennes, France. Afterwards, he moved to New York and worked as a freelance production assistant, gaffer, grip, camera operator, assistant set designer, and 1st AD before becoming a staff producer/production manager at Paradoxal Inc, a production company that focuses mostly on European productions shooting in the US. Since then, Pablo has been based in NYC, Los Angeles, and Paris, and has worked on numerous music videos, documentaries, TV shows, feature and short films. Some of his clients include UNICEF, Universal, Because Music, Iconoclast or Johnny Hallyday, David Guetta, Charlotte Gainsbourg, William Karel and many more. Recently, he has returned to his passion: producing and directing documentaries. His workshop will be focused on “Hands on Production” and will provide a general overview of what is needed to make a film, the craftsmanship of production, working from the initial script to the actual completed film, and will provide a step-by-step outline of how to take a film from pre-production to production and finally to post-production.

Antoine Vareille – Editing and Structure
Sunday April 1st 10:45- 11:45
7 Parnassiens (Grande Salle)

Antoine Vareille is an editor for feature films and television. He has been editor-in-chief for the film “Fatal” and has also worked as editor for the films Sea, No Sex and Sun, Faces in the Crowd, Lucky Luke, Hitman, and Big Nothing. He is currently working on the TV series Kaboul Kitchen. He has also worked on the TV series documentary Intimate Portrait with Peggy Fleming and Cindy Crawford. For his workshop “Editing and Structure,” he will discuss the general process of post-production editing.

Virginia Field- Production Designers: Who they are and why we need them?
Sunday April 1st 11:45-12:45
Action Christine Cinema (Grand Salle)

Virginia Field has been a production designer for 25 years. Originally from New York, she has worked on films shot in Turkey, Cambodia, the Czech Republic and France. The scope of her work covers many sales from genre films to period films, including Friday the 13th, The Eye of Memory, Spring Break, A Stranger is Watching, Les Clients d’Avrenos, La Sourire du Clown, Femme de Passions, plus television series and dozens of commercials. Virginia currently lives in Paris and teaches production design at EICAR, the International Film School of Paris while continuing to work on commercials and independent films. Her workshop “Production Designers: Who they are and why we need them?” will introduce the field of production designing, the type of job it is, a brief history of this industry, and- most importantly- talk about how a production designer approaches his or her work in regards to the use of color, architecture, space, objects, and the psychology of storytelling.

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