Much More than a Script Competition 2013

ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, is pleased to be hosting its seventh Much More than a Script Competition. As part of the ÉCU 2013 film festival, the script competition’s focus is on independent screenplays, that is, scripts that aren’t aimed at mainstream Hollywood film markets.

Writers were invited to submit their short and feature-length scripts to the competition where they compete for the best script of the festival.

The shortlist of the scripts which participate in the Much More than a Script Competition during the festival:

Short Scripts

Smile, Mirror Carlos Vin Lopes
Meminisse William Stockton
This Vehicle Has Been Checked
for Sleeping Children
Jon Burdeaux

Feature Scripts

The Last Waltz of Vienna Brian Weakland
Acts of God W. Reen Moran
Kippers Lou Gerring
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