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Grab your sombrero and margarita because for this week’s spotlight, we’ll be looking at director, Fernando Eimbcke.

Eimbcke originally wanted to study photography, but after working with famous cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki, he decided to switch to film. After being rejected by the University Center for Film Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he devoted a whole year to watching films. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, he was finally accepted into the school.


After graduating, he started his career by making music videos for Mexican alternative bands such as Plastilina Mosh, Genitallica and Jumbo, all of which received nominations for a People’s Choice Award for Best Music Video at the MTV Movie Video Awards Mexico. He also made short films such as LA SUERTE DE LA FEA… A LA BONITA NO LE IMPORTA (2002), which won the First National Short Film Project Competition conducted by the Mexican Film Institute.

220px-Fernando_EimbckeHis debut feature film, TEMPORADA DE PATOS (2004), was a huge hit. Inspired by the novel Alta fidelidad by Nick Hornby, the film takes a look at two young boys who had nothing to do on a Sunday until the lights go off. The film earned a lot of praise especially from famous Latin American directors, Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro. It received multiple awards including the Mayahuel Award – Best Director at the Guadalajara Film Festival and Silver Ariel – Best Direction at the Ariel Awards. In addition, the film won five other Mayahuel Awards at the Guadalajara Film Festival and ten other Ariel awards.

LAKE TAHOE (2008) was his second feature film. The film looks at sixteen-year-old, Juan, as he searches for a spare part for his car. Along the way, the viewer learns about Juan’s family struggling with the death of their father. The film also gained critical acclaim, earning him another Silver Ariel – Best Direction award.

His most recent film was CLUB SANDWICH (2013). The film is about a mother and son spending their holiday in a near-empty hotel. The mother soon realizes that her son is quickly growing up after he has a summer-fling with another occupant. The film was also a success, earning Eimbcke the Silver Shell for Best Director at the San Sebastián Film Festival and a nomination for the Silver Ariel – Best Direction award.

Although he’s only made a handful of films, he’s still one of the most celebrated Mexican filmmakers of our time. We can’t wait to see what he will be making next.

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