Here are our suggestions to enjoy what the new year has to offer in Paris!

Grab a slice of that galette de rois and cheers with a bubbling glass of cider because the new year has brought with it many opportunities and much promise for 2019. And there is no better way to get the year started than to indulge in celebration, reflect on your frame of mind and bring life into your home.

Russian New Year

Although the holiday season is coming to an end, there is always a reason to celebrate. And luckily for us, the Russian culture has so kindly brought to Paris, the Russian new year on the 13/14th of January. This cultural event is popular among Russian expats living in the Paris region and is the perfect opportunity to culturally enrich your new year celebrations. Events include traditional Russian cuisine, concerts, shows, and of course vodka. The Cinéma Le Balzac will be showing the film, “L’ironie du sort” by Eldar Ryazanov on the 16th of January. A variety of Russian poets and musical artist can be found at the Salon Musical Russe in the 18th arrondissement, and restaurants will be serving Russian delicacies all over Paris.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to continue the party and truly celebrate the arrival of 2019! Check out other cultural Russian new year events here.


Light Matters

Get in touch with your emotional state of mind as you experience the exhibit of “Light Matters” by the artist Erwin Redi. Through this installation, the line between reality and virtual become blurred as the immersive experience transports visitors through the emotion evoking displays as colours portrait a sense of feeling. The use of lighting and numeric design to create such emotionally evoking scenes is not only fascinating but may also inspire all of you filmmakers out there to test and play with creative lighting.

The exhibition is hosted by the EDF Fondation Group and will be open until February 3rd at 6, rue Récamier 75007 Paris.


The Big Plant Sale

If there winter blues are still getting you down after all the celebrations and mindful thinking, than try brining a little life into your home and improve your mental wellbeing. The “Grande vente de plantes” event on the 12th and 13th of January is just the opportunity to find the perfect plant to add a touch of green to your space.

The event takes place in the 3rd arrondissement and will be selling plants for sale as low as 2€.

We wish you a happy new year and hope that the good vibes will flow well into 2019. Enjoy everything the New Year has to offer!

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