Workshop with Gareth Jones Workshop #1: Trends in financing and budgeting Independent films and International Sales
Where: Les 7 Parnassiens (Grande Salle)
: Saturday, April 11th // 10:30 – 11:30

The topic of this workshop is sourcing finance for English-language independent films, dealing with sales agents, and selling independent films on the international markets.


Gareth Jones is an industry veteran with over 25 years experience in financing, sales, and distribution. A former CEO of George Harrison’s HandMade Films, Gareth has financed, sold, and distributed over 80 independent films including MONA LISA; LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS; PSYCH 9; and 4321.


Workshop with Martin Makariev

Workshop #2: Taught by Martin Makariev 
Where: Cinema Le Lincoln (14 Rue Lincoln, 75008 Paris)
When: Saturday, April 11th // 10:00 – 11:00

At the occasion of ROSEVILLE’s screening at Cinema Le Lincoln, the director Martin Makariev will be present and introduce his first feature film to the audience. The screening will be followed by a masterclass conducted by Martin and a Q&A session where he will offer an insight into his own experiences in the film industry as a director and producer and will answer young people and students’s questions.

Martin MakarievMartin Makariev is Bulgarian native filmmaker. He has worked as second unit director on a number of international productions and dozens of music videos and commercials. He also directed at the high – rating Bulgarian Series – UNDERCOVER and THE TREE OF LIFE. His debut feature film ROSEVILLE (which he also produced) was released in late 2013 and has receives excellent ratings from local cinema guild and audience.

Workshop with Yann MalcorWhere: 7 Parnassiens (Grande Salle)
When: Sunday, April 12th // 10:30 – 11:30

Are you interested in the general process of post-production editing? Could you benefit from learning more about the work and skill required to make the most of this stage of filmmaking? Yann Malcor is providing a workshop for exactly that! Using his vast experience from a number of films,he will provide a workshop specifically pertaining to editing and structure.

Yann Malcor PicYann Malcor is an editor for feature films and commercials. He has worked as an editor for the films LA RAFLE; DE TOUTES NOS FORCES; MAN TO MAN or PARS VITE ET REVIENS TARD. Check out his IMDb page for more information regarding his work.


Workshop Horizon VU Music

Workshop #4. Innovation and the Cinema in the 21st Century
Les 7 Parnassiens (Petite Salle)
When: Sunday, April 12th // 10:30 – 11:30

Philippe Duvivier

What if spectators could use their smartphone at the cinema ? What if movie cameras could fly ? What if birds could help ? What if sound could be layered ? What if everyone could adjust content to his/her wishes and needs ? What if spectators could decide on the framing ? What if sound could be as directive as a laser ? What if movies could be immersive ? What if everyone could get a personalised experience ? Would all of this be possible, what would it mean for each one of us, as a scenarist, a director, a producer, a cinema owner or a spectator ?

Juliette Valsamidis

Come and see amazing live demos, and discuss with us innovation and potential disruptions in the movie and sound businesses. This workshop will be facilitated by Philippe Duvivier, a Business Developer involved today with Parrot drones and Sennheiser Streaming Technologies. He will be joined by Juliette Valsamidis from HorizonVU Music.


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